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View From the Shawmut, Columbia Road, oil on linen, 64 x 72” (163 x 183cm), 1999 c.      sold

Welcome to my web site.  Your are about to begin a journey, one your may not forget.  It’s a journey in paint, in images -places that span much of North America and Europe, particularly Italy and France, places I painted over 20 years of travels.  Since I am primarily (though not exclusively) a landscape/townscape painter, I’ve organized this website based on places and locations -cities, towns and regions, places that are off-the-beaten-path, roads less traveled.  In fact, I am in the process of writing a book on where to paint.  I plan to launch an i-version this year.

 I paint in a wide variety of media -oil, watercolor- in addition to drawing with pencil, pen and washes.  I also switch scales from large mural sized paintings to small studiies and sketches. When you review the paintings in this website, but sure to look at their sizes for a better perspective.  The small pieces show greater detail, particularly brush strokes.

In general, my smaller pieces are painted en plein air, on-site, whether in the foothills of the Perinees, mountains of the Ardesche or the craggy coast of Sicily.  The larger city scenes are painted in the studio (from photos I take), a necessity because of their size.


I am also a poet.  You will find assorted sonnets and verses intermingle with my art.  If interested in poetry (and additional art), please visit my other website, www.LandscapesAndSonnets.com.  To me, poetry is imagery in words accompanied by music- like a sonata in a piazza.  

The Performance, Piazza Navonna, Rome, oil on linen, 52 x 72” (132 x 183cm), 2001 c.     $12,500

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